Plus, it has the versatility of a coin and a relic hunting machine with its two Discrimination Modes. Included with the Garrett AT Gold is a manual and an exclusive Ground Balance Window feature to increase the performance of the detector when used over the highly mineralized ground. Highly recommended for prospecting, the Garrett AT Gold works well for jewelry, coins, relic hunting, cache hunting, and shallow fresh water hunting. Lastly, the Coin/Relic Timing is best for benign ground conditions while the Improved Enhance Timing provides increased ground balance performance and target sensitivity. *I’m sure many of you heard of stories of people finding shipw,recks full of treasures, especially Spanish ships traveling from the new world to Europe. So you’ll best metal detector for gold have to dig a lot of trash before finding what you’re looking for. You need to have a good methodology to increase your chances of finding something precious. These range in price from $400 and up, but the added price comes with serious improvements in depth detection, discrimination, and stability in mineralized soils. I decided to make this list of metal detectors, breaking them into several groups depending on what type of detecting you plan to do. This means making the effort to not detect and dig around trees, as you could damage the roots, near places where wildlife could live, as well as filling in any holes that you do dig. We can tell you that there are definitely some states which look to inhibit the use of metal detectors, but not in a fun-vacuum kind of way, but instead in an effort to protect the area. This is because you’ll be able to keep any discoveries to stumble across all to yourself, or at least you will until other see you giddily digging with glee in anticipation of quitting your job and retiring on the treasure trove you’re about to find. A: For one, you won’t irritate people with a mysterious and irritating beeping whenever you strike gold, but it also helps benefit you, you. Once you’ve invested in a high-quality metal detector that’s capable of discovering gold nuggets, it’s time to go out and test your new device. As long as you follow some basic steps and know how to use your new equipment, you shouldn’t have a problem finding gold with your metal detector. The increased size of the search coil to 10 inches makes metal detecting MORE EFFICIENT. This metal detector allows you to detect coins 10″ (25cm) deep and is fully programmable with 99-segment target ID. The Garrett ACE 400 has a waterproof submersible search coil, which makes it ideal for metal detecting along the shore. Advanced Ground Balance: has wide range to ground balance from heavily mineralized ground (ironstone) to saltwater without switching to special modes. Ground Track with 4 settings: Choose setting that best handles rapidly changing ground mineralization. No need to switch modes to enhance detection of one target while degrading another. Just keep reading, our top 10 reviews will highlight the best metal detectors. then it is likely that this source-generated electromagnetic waves or their harmonics will coincide with operating frequencies of the detector and, of course, interfere with the detector. Its depth of range depends on the quality of metal, size and how much of the metal is left. Its LED display, sensitivity controls, and lightweight make it easy to operate.